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Trinity Knot Cuff/Bangle
Trinity Knot Cuff/Bangle
Sterling Silver
50mm wide

Sterling Silver 'Trinity Knot" Cuff/Bangle. 1mm thick. 50mm wide.

I originally made this cuff for a woman in Munich, Germany and I liked it so much that I thought I would make it again for you. The trinity knot is Celtic.

The simple triquetra, commonly known as the Trinity knot, takes an individual strand and wraps it into and onto itself, such that it becomes a three-lobed, yet singular design.

In the pagan mindset this design symbolized the connection of the three planes of existence: mind, body, and spirit. To Christians, it illustrated the essential core of Christian belief wherein one God was Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. For both beliefs, the Trinity knot symbolized the way in which three separate essences were vitally interconnected.

I thought that was a great reason to make a piece.