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Edelweiss Flower Earrings
sterling silver
approx 25mm x 25mm ( 1''square)

Edelweiss flower on hoops in Sterling Silver. The total length from top of hoop to bottom of flower is approx. 40mm (just over 1.5"). The hoops have a slight hammered texture and the Flowers have been handcut and cast.

I made these as a reminiscence of my time spent in a small Austrian village called Alt-Aussee near Salzburg, where my Grandfather used to live. We did a lot of walking around the hills and mountains and, as a child, I was able to find some Edelweiss (which is now protected).

These are available in polished (as in the photo) or in a satin finish. If you do not state a preference, I will send you the polished ones.

©Ceeb Wassermann, 2000. The moral rights of the designer are asserted.