Ceeb Wassermann  Jewellery
Disc Swing Earrings
sterling silver, brass
These disc shaped sterling silver earrings hang on my specially designed hoop/hooks.
They swing as you move and are so comfortable that you will forget you are wearing them!

They feature one sterling silver disc and one brass disc. They have a sandblasted finish and have a slight sparkle. My favorite thing about them is the way they swing because they are perfectly balanced.

They hang at approx 1 1/16" (35mm) from top of hoop to bottom of disc. please see photo.

If you want them in gold/white gold please contact me.

This item will be shipped 2 days after receiving payment.

Shipping Options:
International:Airmail approx 5-7 days for USA, 5 days for the UK and 10 days for Canada & approx.7-10 days for Europe;
Australia: Express Post (overnight)

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