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Ayame Pendant
sterling silver

This is a gorgeous single Iris flower that I have sawpierced out of Sterling silver on a delicate sterling silver curb chain.

"...The fleur-de-lis, a stylized iris, descends from the white iris which is native to Florence, Italy and which grew even in its city walls. This white iris, displayed against a red background, became the symbol of Florence until the Medici family, to signal a change in political power, reversed the colors making the white one red and setting in motion a centuries-long breeding program to hybridize a red iris. Catherine de Medici carried this symbol of Florence to Paris when she married the king of France where this most famous of irises acquired its moniker, fleur-de-lis. Contemporary uses can be seen in the Quebec flag and the logo of the New Orleans Saints professional football team, and on the flag of Saint Louis, Missouri. The iris has been associated with France as Louis VII adopted it as a symbol in the 12th Century. Furthermore, it is the almost universal symbol of Scouting and one of the symbols adopted by the sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma.

The iris is the symbol of Brussels, since historically, the important Saint Gaugericus Island was carpeted in them.[1] The iris is now the sole feature on the flag of the Brussels-Capital Region. The Iris is the state flower of Tennessee.

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