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Petal Hoops
sterling silver

Still in keeping with my fondness for "Japaneseness", I made these hoop style earrings that feature 3 petals in a contemporary style. They are light so you may forget that you are wearing anything in your ears like I did when I made the first pair and trialled them. I was walking around with one earring on when I took my daughter to soccer practice and didn't realize I'd left the 'prototype' on until a friend pointed out that I only had one earring on..

They have been sandblasted. They are also available in polished, if you wish. Just let me know your preferences.

They have been saw-pierced out of Sterling silver and can also be made in brass or gold as a custom order.

The earrings measure approx 38mm/1.5" across the widest part and hang at approx 30mm/1.2" from top of ear-wire to bottom of central petal.

These will be shipped within 3 days of receiving payment.

Shipping Options:
International: Australia Post Airmail (approx 5-7 days for USA, 5 days for the UK and 10 days for Canada & approx.7-10 days for Europe; please check with me for other destinations)

Australia: Items will be sent by Express Post (overnight)

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