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Sterling Silver Ripple Ring Slim
sterling silver

When you throw a pebble into a pond of very still water, many ripples occur. This sterling silver ring is a section of the ripples with the centre swirl.

Slightly oxidized to give it depth.

It is aprox 5.5mm (0.22")and quite thick to accomodate the swirl design.It has been carved, filed & engraved, and therefore varies slightly from ring to ring, depending on size.

Please contact me to provide your desired size.
This item will take 5 days to ship from payment.

Shipping Options:
International: Airmail (approx 5-7 days for USA, 5 days for the UK and 10 days for Canada & approx.7-10 days for Europe; please check with me for other destinations)

Australia: Express Post

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