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An Ode to Seaman Schepps in Sterling Silver
sterling silver, chalcedony, simulated diamond

I made this ring for the "Ring A Week" Project in Homage to Seaman Schepps. I First came across his work with all the wonderful colored Gemstones and diamonds in the Book "Seaman Schepps - A Century of New York Jewelry Design by Vendome Press

I used a gorgeous Blue Round Chalcedony and placed it within a Thick Bezel. The stone is held down by two wires that cross each other and in one corner i have hammer set a small 3mm cz. The whole thing is carefully soldered on to the Shank, which is a 3mm wire that has been wound up to wrap itself around your finger. Approx size is between P.5 - Q. It is extremely comfortable to wear.

I will not be making another. It is and will be uniquely the only one.

It stands at approx 35mm in height from base of shank to top of stone. The width of the ring at the top is approx 16mm just below the stone.

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