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Sterling Silver Stacking Rings

This bunch of stacking rings will give an opportunity to acquire all the rings you'll ever need to mix & match and never wear the same combination!
1.purple sugilite
5.3D box
7.dragon vein agate
8.2 x stg silver spacer rings

You will receive 9 rings

If you bought the rings separately, you would spend in excess of $800. So by getting them all at once you save and you get to have a different combination straight away. Send me your ring size on 'message to seller' upon checkout.

This item will be shipped 7 days after receiving payment as they are custom made to fit.

Shipping Options:
International: Airmail (approx 5-7 days for USA, 5 days for the UK and 10 days for Canada & approx.7-10 days for Europe; please check with me for other destinations)

Australia:Express Post (overnight)

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