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3 Gorgeous Cherry Blossoms sawpierced out of sterling silver, domed and sandblasted japanese pendant
The Three Sakuras
sterling silver
45mm x 47mm approx

Another Japanese inspired pendant. This one takes the name from my own japanese name 'Sakura' which means 'cherry blossom'. My mother, who was japanese, named me 'Sakura' (Ceeb is one of my middle names), and hence all the japanese influence.

Three Sakuras are joined by delicate branches and domed. Of course, they are asymmetrical and hang on a delicate sterling silver chain. The pendant has been lightly sand blasted.

So this one is for me (and of course any of you who like it!)
As each piece is individually handmade, they may differ slightly from one to the next, but essentially each design will remain as close to the image shown as is humanly possible.

This piece will ship within 2 days of payment received.

©Ceeb Wassermann, 2009. The moral rights of the designer are asserted.

Shipping Info:
For Australia: It will be shipped express post.

International: By Airmail and should take between 5-7 working days and approx 14 to Canada.