Ceeb Wassermann  Jewellery
Ceeb Wassermann is a Sydney-based jeweller who takes inspiration from her extensive experience in gold & silversmithing. Trained in Australia, Germany & Switzerland, Ceeb was born in Brazil and grew up in Europe and traveled the world quite extensively.

Ceeb likes to capture the serenity and beauty of the ocean and her love of 'japaneseness' in her work. She is a great fan of Japanese Design, especially 'Kamon' which are like family 'crests'...

Her range of work has been available in Australia, the US & Germany and several on line shops as well.

Ceeb has built up a strong local and international following with her work exhibiting in Sydney, LA, NYC , Zurich & Berlin and is now available here.

Please Note:
All prices are in US dollars and are subject to change without notice.