Ceeb Wassermann  Jewellery
Sparkly Diamond RingSterling Silver Stacking RingsAn Ode to Seaman Schepps in Sterling SilverThe Lost Ring of Aes SidheStoneage Stackable RingSterling Silver Ripple Ring SlimSterling Silver Ripple Ring WideBig Pearl Stack RingSterling Silver Jester's Stack RingDragonpool RingSterling Silver Heart Ring3D Box Stacking RingDragon Vein Fire Agate Ball Stacking RingLittle Sakura Stack RingCherry Blossom Stack Ring (aka Moeko)Onyx Stack RingThe Marsha Ring Geometric RingThe Curl RingLarge H2O RingBug Eye RingChunky Heart Ring
Please contact me for sizing and any other changes to the rings that you may wish to inquire about.