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In Current beliefs an Oni mask will protect you from evil, and bring you luck, whereas in feudal Japan the Oni was atype of yokai based on a Japanese folklore, an oni is seen as an evil being that roams the spirit world. It can be in the form of demons, trolls, devils, or ogres. They are among the famous characters in arts, literature, and theater in the Land of the Sun. They are part of a series of legendary creatures and spirits, along with kappa, kitsune, yurei, and tengu.

The general description of oni creatures are scary, hideous, and giants that look like ogres. They are depicted as creatures with wild hair or hair in disarray, claws as sharp as a knife, and two long horns that grow usually from the top of their heads or temples. These creatures can be considered humanoids but their features are definitely not that of a normal human. They may have three or more eyes and have more than the general number of fingers and toes.

Our Oni ring has diamonds for pupils or rubies, or any other stones in the dropdown menu. 

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